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When a tooth is missing for a long time or in case of infections or periodontal disease the bone resorbs. In these cases the placement of a dental implant may require a bone graft or a sinus lift operation.

During this intervention, the bone mass can be reconstructed (for implant placement, the bone must be at least 6-8 mm high). In most cases, bone restoration and implant placement are performed together during the same operation.

There are several techniques to increase bone volume: bone grafting, indirect sinus surgery (pushing) and “open” sinus surgery (direct sinus lift). The dentist-surgeon notes the need for the bone graft and its type after a detailed examination of the patient’s panoramic X-ray.

Performing this type of operation requires great professionalism from the surgeon and not all dentists can perform it. Our dentist-surgeons specialize in this area and have a lot of experience. The materials that are used in our clinic (graft, membrane etc.) are of the highest quality.

During the operation of sinus lift, bone filling after the extraction of a tooth or after the cleaning of a cyst we use a technique of PRF (plasmas rich in fibrin).

The doctor takes a blood sample and centrifuges it in a special machine. Then we use the plasma obtained with the synthetic bone to fill the bone defects. Bone mass regeneration happens faster, in greater quantity and quality and in the most biocompatible way. This helps to speed healing and decrease the amount of discomfort after surgery.

The price of bone grafting and sinus lift includes application of this technique, you will not have any additional costs.

The bone grafting operation is painless and the postoperative course is quite simple.


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